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Bloody Eyeball Halloween Earrings

Bloody Eyeball Halloween Earrings

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These earrings are a simple shape with a dramatic pattern for Halloween. 

Handmade Bloody Eyeball Earrings are the perfect accessory for your spooky Halloween look! Each earring is decked out with a ghoulish eyeball pattern, sure to make your costume stand out this October. 

Pick your favorite shape!

These will have everyone in your Halloween crew screaming in delight! 

The special holiday patterns add a playful touch to your look. Made from acrylic and non-reactive, hypoallergenic titanium and niobium metal, these uniquely designed earrings will keep your look lively and be gentle on your ears. 

Never heard about Niobium and Titanium being used for hypoallergenic earrings?

Check out our blog post about our awesome metals to learn more!!


Care Instructions

BONUS POINTS: Read all about how to care for your earrings here


Check out our blog post about our metals to learn more!!

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