🌟How to Care for Your Rilex Earrings🌟

Hey there, fabulous earring aficionados! We know you're all about flaunting your earrings in style and turning heads wherever you go. But did you know that your cherished ear candy needs a little TLC too? That's right, even earrings need love to stay fabulous. So, we present to you the most charming guide to keeping your earrings in tip-top shape.


1. Put on last: 

👜🌴Picture this: you're getting ready for a night out, and you're armed with hairspray, perfume, and a set of dazzling earrings. But beware, dear fashionistas! Earrings and chemicals are not friends. Always make sure your earrings go on as the grand finale. Trust us; your earrings will thank you for sparing them from the sticky spray.


2. Sweet Dreams, Earrings!

Earrings need beauty sleep too! Sleeping with your earrings on is like wearing a crown to bed. It might look fancy but can lead to discomfort and even mishaps. Give your earrings a rest and take them off before you hit the hay.


3. Earrings Aren't Gym Equipment

Earrings are here to make you look fabulous, not to lift weights! Treat them with care and keep them away from any unexpected hard surfaces. Trust us; they prefer staying on your ears rather than doing cartwheels on the floor.


4. Earring Backs: Not Just for Show

Earring backs aren't just for show; they're the VIP security detail for your ear-party. Make sure they're snug and secure to prevent any unexpected dropouts.


5. The Grand Inspection: "Earrings, We're Watching You!"

Finally, channel your inner detective and conduct regular inspections. Look out for loose findings or any signs of drama. 


So, there you have it, our delightful guide to keeping your earrings in the limelight. Remember, a little TLC go a long way in maintaining your earring enchantment. Keep rocking those earrings with confidence, and they'll continue to dazzle the world.

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My BOO earrings arrived today and they are perfect! Exactly as described and pictured! Seller responded quickly to my questions! Highly recommend!


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